Fee Schedule

Government fees Our service charges* (excluding VAT at 15%)
Corporate services
Incorporation of a local company under the Companies Act VT 30,000 VT 60,000 and VT50,000 Corporate Service Fee for Maintenance
Incorporation of a International Company under the International Companies Act US$ 300.00 US$ 600.00
Registration of an overseas company on the Vanuatu register VT 50,000 On application
Annual Registration of a local company VT 30,000 VT 60,000
Annual Registration of an International company US$ 300.00 US$ 600.00
Foreign investment approval (VIPA) certificate
VIPA application fee VT 120,000 VT 60,000
VIPA variation fee VT 60,000 VT 60,000
VIPA renewal fee VT 60,000 VT 30,000
Trust settlement VT 5,000 (stamp duty) On application
Trust representation N/A VT 30,000

(* Our service charges are subject to client instructions and are reviewed yearly.)